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We have opened but are still in the early stages of developing the museum.

The Museum is open but are still in the early stages of developing. See hours, directions and other information under “planning a trip” below.




Mother Jones Museum is in Mt. Olive Illinois, just off Highway 55 exit 44 and near Mother Jones Monument on famous Route 66.

We have only a small space at this time but hope to expand in the future. We will tell the story not only of Mother Jones, but of ordinary and extraordinary people who made history.

Planning a Trip? Click here for hours, directions and suggestions

The museum is open for visitors from 9-5 weekdays but there is no museum staff or volunteers available on a regular basis. If you are interested in a guided tour to the museum and cemetery please let us know in advance. The museum is close to the Mother Jones Monument/Union Miners Cemetery.  One block from the Museum  is a award winning Tilley’s Tavern-wonderful food in an antique bar. Up the road is the classic Rt. 66 diner,  Crossroads Restaurant.

Below  are maps to the museum, monument, and one that shows both museum and monument together. Click any of them for directions

Please note: We are in fundraising mode.  The museum does not have a fully developed exhibit experience yet. so we don’t want to raise your expectations of what you will currently experience.  We hope you will be inspired to help us reach our fundraising goal so this can be a better visitor experience.

The good part: The museum will never fade away. By contract with the State of Illinois, this space has to be reserved for the Museum in perpetuity.

The City Council of Mt. Olive has granted interpretation rights and responsibility for funding exhibits to the Friends of Mother Jones Museum board. The board is working with the Mother Jones Heritage Project, and a prestigious scholarly board of advisors. We pledge to work toward an exhibit that will do justice to this history, to create an interactive interpretation that connects past and present.

But we will not have museum exhibits there without funds. This is a small space, but we are developing this in conjunction with a large plan (see the About Us page) to give Mother Jones and the many stories of this history proper consideration. Exhibit design for small museums are actually often more expensive because the planning and design is more intense.  We need to raise a lot of money to even apply for grants.  We are a 501-c-3 non-profit, so check out the donate page on the website.

If you want to be involved, do contact us. We value your participation.

Board of Directors, Mother Jones Museum

Nelson Grman, President

Rosemary Feurer, Vice-President

Dave Ambrose, Secretary

Board Members:  Al Pieper (Mother Jones Foundation), Juli Caveny (Mt. Olive Schools), Jim Aldersen (Union Miners Cemetery) Joann Condellone,  Erik Hostetter (AFSCME) Mike Katchmar (Union Miners Cemetery) Amber Robins (Teacher, IFT), Shelly Lemons (McKendree University),  Devin Hunter (University of Illinois-Springfield)