Museum is based on the philosophy of Mother Jones, whose base was in Chicago, but who went everywhere, a national and global figure.

We have successfully partnered with dozens of groups to grow knowledge of Mother Jones and the wider history.

Contact us if you’d like to consider an exhibit written by the leading Mother Jones & labor  historians and dedicated volunteers of our project. We take Mother Jones on the road with travelling exhibits.

We currently host museum exhibits at

Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Illinois

Workers Education Society in St. Louis, Missouri

Labor and Industry Museum in Belleville, Illinois

Debs Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana

Coming Soon: a major exhibit at St. Louis Public Library

Check out our museum’s guided walking tours of  Mother Jones Monument/Union Miners Cemetery in Mt. Olive, Illinois. These are great for student and labor tours of this sacred site of memory! We also have walking tours of Virden, Illinois, where one of the great mine wars of the 19th century took place. We will soon have even more!

We helped to get the small Mt. Olive, Illinois Museum going, devoting hundreds of hours for fundraising and exhibit production. The city took over,  removed our exhibits and asked us to not promote their local museum at this time. All of those original exhibits we created have been moved to other places and are still educating the public.