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The small Mother Jones Museum is in Mt. Olive Illinois near Mother Jones Monument, on famous Route 66, with very limited exhibits.

But Mother Jones famously said, “My home is like my shoes; I abide where there a fight against justice.” She’d never want to be confined to one tiny museum!

We also have a wider set of projects for taking Mother on the Road! All of your donations help to realize these projects, so see our donation page and give as generously as you can.

Planning a Trip? Click here for hours, directions and suggestions

The museum is open for visitors from 9-5 weekdays but there is no museum staff or volunteers available on a regular basis. The museum is close to the Mother Jones Monument/Union Miners Cemetery.  One block from the Museum  is a award winning Tilley’s Tavern-wonderful food in an antique bar. Down the Street is B&K bakery.

Below  are maps to the museum, monument, and one that shows both museum and monument together. Click any of them for directions