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Donate to the Mother Jones Heritage Project

Support our Projects with a tax-deductible donation.

We are a 501-c-3 non-profit.


Click image above to learn about the statue campaign. Update:  We have raised $173,000 as of 8/28/23

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Donate to the Mother Jones Chicago Statue Campaign

Pay by checks:  Mother Jones Statue Fund, 630 Joanne Ln DeKalb  IL 60115. Checks are the no-fee way to donate.

More of your donation comes to us, without fees.

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Flipcause will charge you  a fee for payment. You can opt out of that.

OR Through PAYPAL:

You can pay through PayPal  SAVE US THE 3% FEE.  Log in to your  paypal account and send it directly  to MARK IT PERSONAL personal rather than business. It is tax-deductible,  but  paypal will not collect a fee for service. This is no a service fundraiser. Clicking personal payment is  legally allowable for this type of donation. It will save us from paying the 3% fee for each donation.

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