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Labor Day 2023

Mother Jones on parade!

On picket lines as well as "just practicing" pickets. At the Illinois State Fair.

And on Labor Day 2023, we participated in a number of parades, including Chicago and Rockford, Illinois, Labor Day Association celebration in Evansville, Indiana, and in the Reno, Nevada LaborFest. On September 9, she will be at Nashville, Tennessee. We'll update our page on that one. Images by Margaret Fulkerson and Rich Leschina.


The Chicago Tribune ran 4 images that included Mother Jones and the Labor Day Parade. More images below.

Princeton Indiana hosted the 137th Labor Day Association Event. Over 4000 people attended. IBEW's Kim Musgrave designed these great T-shirts and brochure about Mother Jones. It's the oldest type of event, started by the Knights of Labor in 1886.

Lots more images here of the Chicago Parade. Click arrow at left to see them all.

Below: At Rockford, Illinois

Below The RenoNevada LaborFest added Mother Jones again, and this time added a board to tell a little of her history!


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