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United Mind Workers: SIU-E faculty celebrate their new union at Mother Jones Monument

On Labor Day, core organizers of the new faculty union at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville came to the Mother Jones monument in Mt. Olive to commemorate and celebrate (yes, with the traditional Irish whiskey) their achievement: they filed with the Labor Board this week for their new union. (Edwardsville is around 20 miles from Mt. Olive.)

Kim Archer, a music professor and key organizer of the union effort, took inspiration from these past struggles as she and other professors have experienced anti-union attacks in recent days.

We are inspired that these “United Mind Workers” sought out this monument to honor the past as they seek to change the possibilities for their future, and the future of their students.

SIUE core organizers of the new faculty union.

Kim Archer, music professor at SIUE faculty union president and Interim President with Dave Vitoff, Illinois Education Association staff member and organizer.

Solidarity Forever!

To learn more about the issues of the SIUE faculty organizing, see these articles:


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