Hundreds Gather for Mother Jones Birthday Party

So many wonderful people gathered for a festival of solidarity at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago. These images and videos illustrate the wonderful celebration that was accomplished by our great volunteers.

Special thanks to Marc Ritterbush who completed the graphic artistry for our substantial commemorative booklet. If you would like a copy of this booklet, we will send you 1-2 copies for a $10 donation ( while supplies last.

Sara Nelson, President of Association of Flight Attendants- CWA, AFL-CIO speaking at the Mother Jones May Day Birthday Party, May 1, 2022. (You need facebook to view the videos).

And Sara even sang Happy Birthday to our own Brigid Duffy!

We are grateful to Paddy Homan, who sang this great rendition of Joe Hill at the event, as well as other songs from his repertoire

Below Sara Nelson with Mary Lou Edwards, who presented the tribute to Helen Ramirez-Odell, pictured in one of the ad tributes to her from the May Day event. Helen was a leading member of the statue committee, whose loss we mourn. Helen was a leader in the fight for a statue, inspired us all, was our steadfast friend, a leader in the CTU women's committee. Seated on the right is Helen's daughter Moira, who also lost her father this week. We extend our heartfelt sympathies and we will remember Helen as we move forward. We thank everyone for honoring Helen's memory, and we will continue to honor her as we go forward.