• Rosemary Feurer

Mother Jones in Pullman

#laborpaste Pullman neighborhood in Chicago is seeing Mother Jones and others labor activists from the past. “For me it’s the gilded age in Pullman,” says artist JB Daniel who placed Mother Jones as a ghostly reminder of the connections between past and present. The owner of he house who has this honor learned about Mother Jones from Jackie Kirley of Working Women's History Project and was thrilled to have Mother Jones painted there. See more at Pullman Arts and

Here is the artist's page on the project: http://www.jbdaniel.com/citizen10.html

We would love to do this on our trail. For mining towns the gilded age has never really left. Always extracting, never replacing, neither resources or wealth.

Mother Jones was known as the "Mother of the American Railway Union." where Pullman workers went on strike in 1894 in the famous showdown. So it's really appropriate she stands in testament there now.

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