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Meeting with Chicago Monuments Committee

Yesterday we had a heartening meeting with leaders of the Chicago Monuments Committee. Bill Fraher of our committee was also present, but not pictured above.

In the last year, the turmoil over statues and representation placed a delay in gaining approval for the location of our Mother Jones Chicago statue. Now there is a new process , in which have to prove our support. You can help us.

Our team made the case that

1. The statue presents an opportunity to invite Chicagoans to reevaluate the way they see themselves by recalling this city’s history from below—the history of immigrants, the history of women, the history of labor.

2. Mother Jones speaks to this pandemic moment. Mother Jones, a plague survivor, argued that no one should be left behind. She elevated the role of immigrants, women, African-Americans, and workers from all places and believed that those at the bottom had the potential to transform society.

3. Mother Jones’s story is not only a story of the past, it a story of the present and the future--a global city that should have a symbol of those who build the city from the ground up.

4. The Mother Jones Chicago Statue Committee is composed of Chicagoland residents.

5. We have significant fundraising accomplished, with a wide range of endorses and donors, from construction trades, Irish, women, teachers, service workers.

6. We have 2 talented & committed female artists. (see statue page)

They let us know that they were impressed with the coalition we have built to win a prominent location. Our committee was thankful to be joined by Don Villar, secretary-treasurer of the Chicago Federation of Labor.

Yesterday, the formal process and website was announced. We are getting closer, folks.

Help us.

1) Make your endorsement today. Let the City of Chicago know that you support this project.

2) Donations are a tell-tale sign of support for this project. . Please donate. We appreciate all of our donations so far, that have ranged from $5 to 10,000. Every donation counts.

We will be launching the donations and endorsements lists on our page--more to come!


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