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Ireland's President Invokes Mother Jones' Spirit During COVID crisis

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On April 28, President Michael Higgins demonstrated how much Mother Jones' spirit is registering in these times.


The statement was profound recognition that the post-COVID world must empower workers, not just honor them with platitudes and thank yous.

"As we navigate our way towards a shared and better future we must resolve to build a lasting memorial to those brave and selfless workers. Indeed let us recall the battle cry of Cork born activist Mary ‘Mother’ Jones and the motto that lies at the heart of this important day:

“Remember the dead, fight like hell for the living”. Let us commit to continuing our appreciation by being in solidarity with all those whose contribution is so vital during this difficult time, recognising and enabling their right to protection, to be represented, to participate, to job security and decent working conditions, now and into the future where work will, in an enduring way, be recognised for the defining human activity that it is.

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