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Thanks to all who have donated and endorsed the Mother Jones Chicago statue project. We are half-way there! Add your name today.


Cork, Ireland Spirit of Mother Jones Festival

2023 CMJC at plaque.jpg

 "The monument will honour the Irish diaspora, many of these immigrants created one of the foundation stones of the American Labour and Trade Union movement which fought for the rights of workers and their families. The trade union organisational abilities of Mother Jones remain an inspiration to many and she has become a catalyst for achieving social justice and rights for workers.  


We urge Irish people everywhere to support this extraordinary project."

Ger O'Mahony, James Nolan, Angela Burke, Ann Piggott, Mother Jones (Joan Goggin), Ann Rea, William Hammond, Dominic O'Callaghan. (not included, John Barimo, Richard T Cooke, Geraldine McCarthy)


Mother Jones Legacy

​$10,000 & above

​Government of Ireland

Laborers International Union of North America

Chicago Teachers Union with members match

Roofers Local 11

Painters District Council 14

Bricklayers ADC1 Chicago

Ireland Funds, Chicago

History Makers

$5000 level

    Sprinkler Fitters Local 281

Chicago Federation of Labor

Int'l Union of Bricklayers & Allied Trades

National Education Association

Fight for the Living

$1000 and above

Ernestina Padilla

            in honor of Lotty Blumenthal & Geri Baginski  

in honor of Helen Ramirez Odell

Brigid Duffy Gerace

Helen Ramirez-Odell

Mary Lou Edwards


          CTU Women's Rights Committee

       In honor of David J. Rathke 

United Mine Workers of America ($2000)

Illinois Education Association Staff Organization

Eugene Debs Foundation

Plumbers Local 130

Dowd, Bloch, Bennett, Cervone, Auerbach and Yokich

Chicago St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee

Dolores Connolly

Laborers LIUNA Local 1, Chicago

National Staff Organization

Iron Workers Local 1 ($2000)

Christina & Tom Chambers

Irene King

Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council

David Hourihane

John J. Cullerton

Margaret Fulkerson

Justice Warrior

$500 and above

Saul Schniderman

Bakers Union    

Jeanne Graham

Hector  Arrellano

Timothy Gilfoyle

Elliott Gorn

We Shall Rise!

Raymond O. Wicklander


Paul Bailey

Carpenters Chicago

AFGE Local 648 Chicago

Representing US Dept of Labor Employees in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin

Padraic Connolly, Longford Construction

Teamsters Local 916

Construction Industry Service Corporation

Amy Bromsen

Cork Spirit of Mother Jones Festival

       Sons & Daughters of Mother Jones

$250 & above

      Coalition of Labor Union Women 

David Prosten   

      Working Women's History Project

Patricia O'Brien

Jacqueline Kirley

Marcus Rediker

Julia Nowicki

Helen  Elkiss

Sheila Durkin

Kenny & Becky Osborne

Barry Bennett

Bob and Suzanne Breuler Petri

Long live Mother Jones and all she stands for!

Carrie Biggs-Adams

Working Class Hero

​$100 & above

Carl  Rosen

Blythe and Associates   

Shari  Paul

Leah  Humes

Sue  Walton

Sandra O'Donnell

Zeese Papanikolas

John J.  Vespo

Theresa Boyle

Stephen Jones

Donald  Marcus

Taru Spiegel

David Johnson

Noel Beasley

Harold Rosenthal

Stephen  Goldberg

Rosemary Trump

Virginia Ayers

Susan Strauss

John Enyeart

James  Tibensky

In memory of Gary Puleio

Eileen Durkin

Ellen Skerrett

Byrne, Brennan and Richards Family

Ellen Garza

Acknowledging and honoring Chicago's women organizers and activists is crucial to our identity.

Jeana Brown

Women do because Mother did.

Christine George

Sue Sebesta

Christopher and Bernadette Murphy

Dan Durkin

Gemma Doyle

Michelle Frenette

"From a proud Sangamon State Labor Relations program alumni"

Paul Bailey

Eric Dirnbach

Michael and Catherine O'Connell-Cahill

Tim Bancroft

Carlos Andrade

Kevin Cullina

Betsy Kraft
Jim and Janet Fennerty

Robert Broda

In Honor of Gene Debs

Stephen Brier

Paul Bailey

Al Villalpando

David Newby

May Her Spirit Continue to Inspire!

Jim Barrett

Community Foundation of West Alabama

McArthur Gunter

Community Foundation of West Alabama

Anne Durkin

Robert  Bloch


$50 & above

Shannon Zalinski

David Jablonsky

George & Rhonda Milkowski

Kassandra Tsitsopoulos

"Long live Mother Jones and female union members!"

Norine Gutekanst

Michael Savoir

William Hassett

Nicholas Bode

James Schaudt

DB Hunt

in honor of Elliott Gorn

John Powell

Susanne Paradis

Ivana Krajcinovic

Joanne & August Ricca

David Richardson

Rita Alfonso  LaBarbera

Julie Quirin

Colleen  White

John Zurzaw

Joan S. Jacobs

Phyllis Magee

Donald Morris

Marion Sirefman

Kathleen Carey

Bernie Eshoo

Kathleen MacMillan

Helen Smith

Linda Bonner

Dorothea Jacobson Wenzel

Thanks to Cook County College Teachers Union

Robert & Marie Syzyman

Janita Tucker

Peg Strobel

Paul Schoewetter

Michael Sprinker

Richard Dawson

May this statue inspire a new generations of labor revolutionaries. I started to say "labor activists," but that have been a disappointment to Mother Jones.

James Valek

Melissa Garman


 $25.00 & below

Judith Dever

Phillip Dortsch

Jennifer L. Johnson

Carlene M.  Blumenthal

Amanda Scampini

Mary Ann Trasciatti


Jerry & Irene Adler         

Stephanie Cummings Collins

Lois Evans *

* This donation is by LuLu LoLo whose campaign "Where are the Women? in 2015 highlighted the lack of monuments to women in NYC

David Band

Robert Stauffer

Karl Knobler

Patricia A. Wright

Robert  Lehrer

Diane M. Dorsey

​Martin Mikinas

Michael Zielinski

Louis Wolf

Kenneth DeBay

Elizabeth Hastings

Henry  Ooten

David Tarlo

Ed  Pickford, England

Bonnie Shapiro

Marissa Koziar

Ann F. Hoffman

Dr. B Iverson

Dean Doberstein

Bruce Trigg

"Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living! " I am honored to support this effort in the memory of this great woman.

Stephen Mitchell

Deborah Pope, Chicago

Deborah Montgomery

Anna Johnson

Stuart Walsh
Madalyn Kenney

Angela Just

Sunti Segrave-Daly

Janet Hickey

Paul Baicich

"Whatever your fight, don't be ladylike." --Mother Jones

Judith and Tom Flynn

Dave McGrath


Donors - Amount Undisclosed

Elliott Gorn

"Because, as Upton Sinclair wrote, ". . .wherever she went, the flame of protest has leaped up in the hearts of men, her story was a veritable ODYSSEY of revolt."

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