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Text on Candle:

Patron Saint of Workers, Agitators, and Hell-Raisers

Oh, Mother (Mary) Jones, we call you the workers’ angel because you appeared on picket lines wherever workers were calling for a living wage.  Grant us the ability to be courageous as you were when you faced down bayonets of the bosses’ thugs.  May your devotees raise a glass of Irish Whiskey to you as we continue to

Pray For The Dead And Fight Like Hell For The Living!

Amen †

Mother Jones Secular Saint Candle

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Clever way to show your love of Mother! H/T to Unemployed Philosophers Guild, which has a number of these to artists, philosophers and political figures. Well, Kate Klimut decided that Mother deserved one of her own.


    This is an unscented candle, so add your own rebel essential oil.

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