• Rosemary Feurer

The Mine Wars on PBS' American Experience

Don't miss "The Mine Wars" on American Experience January 26 9pm EST (but check local listings). The 2 hour broadcast features #MotherJones and other amazing historical figures who fought for justice in the coalfields of West Virginia.


The Mine Wars is a two hour documentary premiers nationally on the acclaimed history series, American Experience, on January 26. It tells the story of the bloody and contentious struggles of miners to organize unions. 

Beginning in 1900, Mother Jones helped to spark a rebellion in West Virginia. This documentary shows how ordinary miners, their wives and families led a battle for justice in the workplace and for the right to shape their own communities. These miners fought vigorously to connect labor rights and civil rights, It's a story of  working class rebellion that shaped the entire nation and connects to a global struggle for justice.  

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