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Scabby the Rat has Met His Match!

In January, when the great women's protest marches were held, Elliott Gorn, biographer of Mother Jones, wrote to us lamenting that Mother Jones wasn't on the scene.

Well, board member Dave Rathke had a plan for that! For years, Dave has loved the Scabby the Rat inflatables on picket lines. He was determined to get a giant Mother Jones for parades and marches. Kate Klimut donated the design and coordination of production with Big Sky Balloons, the same firm that produced Scabby the Rat.

Thanks to generous donations for this start-up from the following unions and central bodies:   UAW Local 1268, Belvidere, Illinois; Illinois Education Association Staff Organization, National Staff Organization, United Union Roofers Local 11, Chicago, Illinois;  Rockford United Labor AFL-CIO, Illinois Valley Labor Council and Illinois Valley Building Trades Council.

This inflatable was designed to accommodate different messages, whether about immigrants, women, resistance, labor rights etc.  This inflatable is manageable with an electrical outlet or small generator, and you can see that at 12 foot tall, she won't be missed! Full size in less than a minute! Email or call us if you want her to visit!


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