Enthusiastic Open House for the New Mother Jones Museum

An enthusiastic group of visitors came to the open house event for the new museum. At least 165 streamed through following the re-dedication of the Mother Jones Monument on June 20  and during the 2 hours it was opened on June 21. There were people from as far away as Seattle, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana. People come with treasures, such as the diary of a local coal miner who noted the preparations and attendance at Mother Jones’ funeral.

Our “Stand With Mother Jones” booth was a hit! See the slideshow gallery below of the  fabulous photos and comments. If yours isn’t there, we will continue to add as we get more, so check back. If you have one please send it to motherjones1930@hotmail.com and we’ll post it here! And if there is an error here, please let us know.

Pat, Nathan and Mike Prehoda, Springfield, IL: Mike: “Great event! Thanks! Inspiring!”

Sabrina Trupia and Edward Navarre. Sabrina: “I believe her words are as true today as they were back then.”

Susan Niederberger, Bev Lofton and Shelly Hoffman from Missouri NEA near St. Charles, Missouri Hoffman: “Fabulous museum!” Susan: I’m so glad to have come here! I can’t wait to come back with friends!”

Mark and Cindy Waldemer, St. Louis area: “Mother Jones spoke the truth, and truth never ages. This quote from her is as relevant today as then.”

Sean Fulkerson, Chicago, IL and Margaret Fulkerson, Oak Park,IL.

James Finnegan, Mt. Olive, IL: James brought a diary from his grandfather, a treasure for us. “My Grandfather attended the funeral of Mother Jones.”

Ohren Simburger, Mt. Olive, IL, whose grandfather was one of the survivors of the Virden riot, shot in the leg by Thiel gun thugs. His grandfather was a Pallbearer for Mother Jones Funeral.