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Fannie Sellins marker campaign-St. Louis

Coinciding with our exhibit "Dangerous Women" in St. Louis, we are seeking your help to get a marker installed at the corner of 13th & Washington Avenue, where Fannie fought against sweatshops and on behalf of women and men garment workers in St. Louis. Fannie Sellins  was an Irish American activist who followed in the footsteps of Jones and was killed in Pennsylvania.

Make a Tax Deductible Donation to the Sellins Marker Campaign

send checks to: Mother Jones Heritage Project, 630 Joanne Lane, DeKalb IL 60115

The city has tentatively approved the placement of a marker at  13th and Washington, at the sweatshop that Fannie Sellins challenged and where she was banned from picketing. This launched her national career and that led her to be murdered as she was fighting for workers rights. Through it all, St. Louis workers drew strength from Sellins' determination. We seek to raise $2000 for the marker, and another $3000 for the $1 million insurance required by the City of St. Louis. We are still seeking alternatives, such as an organization owning the marker and placing it under their insurance policy.

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13th & Washington was owned by Washington University, and rented to Marx & Haas Clothing Company, and another garment manufacturer. It developed the endowment for the university. But Fannie and her fellow garment workers called it a sweatshop and when they sought to fight back, were banned from picketing effectively. We have been tentatively approved for a marker at this corner.

Checks:  Mother Jones Statue Fund, Wintrust Bank, 4343 W. Peterson Avenue, Chicago IL 60646

Checks with correspondence: send to  Mother Jones Statue Fund, 630 Joanne Lane, DeKalb, Illinois, 60115.

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