This website is a virtual museum for the Mother Jones Heritage Project, the group that has produced all the new Mother Jones Museum exhibits, the historical markers on I-55, and the walking tours of Union Miners Cemetery/Virden Mine Wars. We will be launching exhibits at the Workers Education Society in St. Louis and the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago.

Mother Jones fearlessly questioned corporate rule and earned the title “the grandmother of all agitators.” She is a figure who lives on because the issues she raised are still of concern to us, still relevant in the twenty-first century.

Who should control natural resources, the workplace, what we produce, how many hours we work? By exploring Mother Jones, we explore the back story to many issues that are still of concern.

Click on the drop down menu on the information bar above.  Find out how Mother Jones participated in and influenced the struggles for labor and human rights in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Listen to her pithy quotes, see the plays about her, learn about the art produced concerning her legacy. Reflect on how these issues of concern to her are still with us more than a century later.