May Day 2019


March 16-17, 2019: St. Patrick’s Day parades


–Saturday March 16 we are Unit 28 on Columbus Drive south of Balboa.
–Sunday we are Unit 73 at 100th and Western. Both step off at noon


December 11, 2018, noon: Historical Marker Dedication, indoor exhibit.

We are pleased that United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts will be joining us for this event.
Coalfield Rest Area, I-55 Northbound

northbound coalfield I-55

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northbound coalfield I-55 39.346694, -89.640734 I-55 Coalfield Marker and Indoor Exhibit
(25 miles south of Springfield Illinois) mile marker 64 from South I-55; from the North you must exit 63, Raymond, then turn back one mile to 64).  Be sure to stop at the Southbound I-55 Marker if you haven’t seen it yet. (That one was installed in 2017)Contact [email protected] for more information


Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

October 27, 2018 : join Us at the Irish Books and Music event



We had a great celebration May Day 2018, at multiple sites. Mark your calendar for next May Day. Celebrate May Day, Labor History, Women’s Activism, Radical  Renewal, Immigrant Rights — Join Us this May Day.

Everyone can do this, and remember, Mother Jones was always ready to join, even if it was informal, rank-and-filers!

Co-sponored by West Virginia Mine Wars Museum and Watts Museum

Mother Jones helped to keep May Day alive by taking the day as her birthday.

This May Day as we fight for the survival of unions and humanity….

Let’s get creative.


You can make it a fundraiser for your cause, or a fundraiser for us, so we can continue to spread the word of the fight for the original labor movement, of the role of immigrants and radicals in our nation’s history, and of May Day.

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Irish American Heritage Center: 41.962700, -87.743900
The Wals Foundation Mother Jones May Day Party: 40.052800, -80.724600
West Virginia Mine Wars Museum: 37.623300, -82.168200
St. Louis Workers Education Center: 38.608500, -90.222300
Sarasota Florida Private Party: 27.336400, -82.530700
Quad City Coalition of Labor Union Women: 41.521300, -90.598500
Cork Mother Jones Festival May Day Party: 51.897900, -8.470580
Pittsburg Pennsylvania: 40.441700, -79.990100
Corner Cup Coffee Shop: 36.297900, -82.457600
Birmingham, Alabama TBD: 33.520700, -86.802400
Private Party Dallas Texas: 32.776300, -96.796900
Watts Museum: 39.644600, -79.971500
Astoria New York: 40.770400, -73.917700
Greece: 37.985881, 23.724289
Mt. Olive labor celebration: 39.072100, -89.722400
Team Rural-Jeana Brown: 31.150000, -81.491500
St. Louis Mother Jones May Day Birthday Party --McGurk\'s Irish Pub: 38.605400, -90.202200
Denver Mother Jones May Day Private Party: 39.739200, -104.985000
DeKalb Democratic Party Mother Jones May Day event (May 7): 41.931800, -88.767200
Muncie Indiana Ball State May Day Mother Jones Party: 40.193700, -85.386500
Mother Jones May Day Party -University of Wisconsin/Rock County: 42.683000, -89.022700
Celebration of Mother Jones--private party: 44.035300, -69.537300
May Day Mother Jones Party: 36.310700, -82.406300
May Day gathering at Library: 37.973700, -82.017400

Meanwhile, if you want to host your own party, send an e-mail to

[email protected]

and we’ll send you a free party kit by e-mail. It’s a pdf file (some jpgs) that are do-it-yourself, with ideas and party supplies.  It has a ready-made poster, social media announcement, dress-up kits, cocktail toothpickets for your drinks, etc.

Includes downloadable poster with blank space for your organization, date, time and more!

The packet we send  will include a variety of print-out cut-out party hats. 

The Union thug club is getting into the spirit:




December 11, 2017: Dedication of Southbound Historical Marker

Coalfield/Mother Jones Rest Area Historical Maker Dedication-Southbound1-55