About Us

Who We Are
Mother Jones Museum is the website of the Mother Jones Heritage Project, a 501-c-3 non-profit. We are guided by the philosophy of Mother Jones, whose base was in Chicago, but who went everywhere, a national and global figure who influenced workers to organize and fight for justice.

Our project originated in 2014, inspired by the Cork Spirit of Mother Jones Festival. This website originated in 2008, as a project to revive Mother Jones and the early history of the activist labor movement. Our website has been a main factor in the revival of knowledge about Mother Jones.

What We Do
We have successfully partnered with dozens of groups to grow knowledge of Mother Jones and the wider history. Our current major project is a statue to Mother Jones in the city of Chicago. (see statue page on this site)

Mother Jones on the Road
We take Mother Jones on the road with traveling exhibits. We have erected historical markers to Mother Jones and other figures of the early labor movement in Illinois, and are currently working on projects to do so in Missouri and Indiana.

Check out our museum’s guided walking tours of Mother Jones Monument/Union Miners Cemetery in Mt. Olive, Illinois. These are great for student and labor tours of this sacred site of memory!

We also have walking tours of Virden, Illinois, where one of the great mine wars of the 19th century took place.

Museum Exhibit Projects

Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Illinois

Workers Education Society in St. Louis, Missouri

Labor and Industry Museum in Belleville, Illinois

Debs Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana

Coming Soon: a major exhibit at St. Louis Public Library

Looking for the Mt. Olive, IL Museum?
From 2014-2017 we launched the small Mt. Olive, Illinois Museum, producing 39 exhibits that focused on Mother Jones, and were the main base for fundraising for that museum. In 2018, the city took over control of the museum, and removed our exhibits; their emphasis moved to the local history in respect to Mother Jones. For those who donated to that cause when we were involved, please note that all of those original exhibits we created with your funding have been moved to other places and are still educating the public. We are considering other permanent locations for a museum,  a place that will not restrain interpretation.

Mission Statement
The Mother Jones Heritage Project collaborates with a network of partners to collect, interpret, and preserve the legacy of labor activist Mary Harris “Mother” Jones. In addition, we profile the stories of the ordinary people who shaped their communities into a challenge to the existing social order based on inequality in the past, with the aim of thinking about the relevance to the world we have inherited.

Board of Directors, Mother Jones Heritage Project:

Rosemary Feurer — labor historian, Northern Illinois University

Margaret Fulkerson — Working Women’s History Project

Elliott Gorn — Loyola University, author Mother Jones: America’s Most Dangerous Woman

Emily LaBarbera Twarog — University of Illinois

David Rathke– Eugene Debs Foundation

Saul Schniderman —  AFSCME; Secretary, Labor Heritage Foundation

Stephanie Seawell Fortado – University of Illinois

Judy Simpson  — Illinois Labor History Society


Academic Advisory Board, Mother Jones Heritage Project

Simon Cordery  -author,  Mother Jones: Raising Cain and Consciousness, Western Illlinois Univeristy

Priscilla Long– author, Where the Sun Never Shines

Thomas Andrews, historian, author Killing For Coal, professor, University of Colorado, Boulder

Bucky Halker — Folksinger and Historian, Company of Folk

Greg Boozell — Journalist, filmmaker