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A 12′ inflatable of Mother hovering over events. Fun & solidarity at your parade, march or picket line. Email us [email protected] with your phone # and we will call you to estimate rental and shipping costs. Our goal is to get her there at the most reasonable cost possible.  All rental proceeds fund our other projects.

Mother Jones is calling us to “Get Off Your Knees and Stand Up!”

Many in the labor movement are familiar with the Scabby the Rat inflatable that shames companies for unjust working conditions.

Designed by Kate Klimut, our new inflatable of the most beloved historical figures of the original labor movement is a positive message about the tradition of struggle in the labor movement.

Thanks to generous donations from the following unions and central bodies for the start-up funding!   UAW Local 1268, Belvidere, Illinois; Illinois Education Association Staff Organization; National Staff Organization; United Union Roofers Local 11, Chicago,  Illinois; Rockford United Labor AFL-CIO, Illinois Valley Labor Council and Illinois Valley Building Trades Council, giant Mother Jones is here!

She was designed her to accommodate different messages (front and back), whether about immigrants, women, resistance, labor rights etc.  This inflatable is manageable with an electrical outlet or small generator, and you can see that at 12 foot tall, she won’t be missed! Full size in less than a minute! Email [email protected] with a phone # and we will promptly send estimates,  if you want her to visit your event or picket line!

Note: we had to give a price in order to list this inflatable, but of course it won’t be $1.00 to rent this. Project donors and supporters have first priority and get her for free, but do arrange or pay shipping costs. Our goal, conceived by board member Dave Rathke, is to make her spirit known to all, but there are costs and rules we need to ensure for proper use. We want to make this easy.

See our galleries of Mother’s Travels below

At the Rockford Women’s March 2018:

At the Working People’s Day of Action in Chicago, February 2018:


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  1. Woman of Steel

    OMG I love love love this!

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