Our exciting recent events update

Our exciting recent events update

Mother Jones’ address was like her shoes. We were on the move this spring!!
Here is a gallery of images from December 11, 2018 to May 1, 2019. See all about the coalfield marker/tour app; Siasma na nGael; St. Patrick’s Day parades, May Day Irish American Heritage Center events, picket lines

Mother Jones I-55 coalfield rest area marker, indoor exhibit on march to springfield, virtual tour of the Mother Jones Monument, Union Miners cemetery.  Don’t miss the photos and graphics– dedicated December 11, 2018

See select videos from that day:

Cecil Roberts speaking at the dedication about Mother Jones

Erik Hostettler of United Staff Union of Illinois, on the importance of trade unions remembering their past:

St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2019

We were proud to march in 2 Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parades in 2019! Lots of love in Chicago.

From Chicago TV!

Mother Jones Tribute produced by Old St. Pat’s  March 2019

Bravo Old St. Patrick’s Church which produced the story of Mother Jones’ life struggle through narrative and song on Tuesday. Originally scheduled for Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the CSO strike led it to be transferred to Historic Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.  It was “Mother Jones meets Broadway” with the talented musicians, singers, and dancers. The show beautifully conveyed her belief in the dignity of work and the rights of workers! Proud that our board members played a part in advising for the event. Brilliant renditions of all the labor songs. Only wish that it could be repeated.

Mother Jones, Irish Rebel exhibit opening, Irish American Heritage Center, May Day 2019

We were pleased to have so many people join us for this event. Brian O’Brien of Ireland’s consulate, and Teresa Hannick of SIPTU, Ireland, as well as so many new and old friends of Mother Jones.

Mother Jones Keeps Travelling, but we still are fundraising for a generator–help us raise $500 more!

I am the director of the Mother Jones Heritage Project. I teach labor history at Northern Illinois University and am completing a book, Labor Rights and Freedom Struggles in the Illinois Coal Fields.


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