Mother Jones visits Debs

Mother Jones visits Debs

The Mother Jones Heritage Project has been developing ties with the Eugene V. Debs Foundation, just as Mother Jones and Debs did in the past. The Midwest orbit from Terre Haute to Chicago and Mount Olive, Illinois shaped the nation’s labor and socialist movement in ways that are not well known today, but which made sense to people in the Gilded Age.

The Debs Foundation is responsible for care of Debs’ home, which is a national historic landmark. They hosted their annual fundraising dinner on September 24.  Mother Jones Heritage Project board member Dave Rathke attended the dinner and is also a board member for the Foundation. He brought Mother to the dinner; here are a sampling of photos.

I am the director of the Mother Jones Heritage Project. I teach labor history at Northern Illinois University and am completing a book, Labor Rights and Freedom Struggles in the Illinois Coal Fields.


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