More Quotes

“I am an organizer, an agitator and an aggravator. I act because I love humanity.”  1905

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”

When introduced as the “miner’s angel,” she rejected the label: “This world has no angels. The world beyond has angels, and I question whether there are many there.”  -1919

“Some day we will have the courage to rise up and strike back at these great ‘giants’ of industry, and then we will see they weren’t ‘giants’ after all—they only seemed to because we were on our knees and they towered above us.” 1910

“Sit down and read. Prepare yourselves for the coming conflict.”

“There is something wrong in our social make-up, when we make criminals out of the youths, put them in jail, hire wardens and guards and pay them to take care of them and tax the people. Your whole system, my friends, is wrong.” 1920

“I long to see the day when labor will be in the White House and in the halls of Congress,” and “we’ll take the mines and run them for ourselves, rather than starve.” 1900

“I’ve been called a red, a radical, an IWW (Industrial Workers of the World), and I admit to being all they’ve charged me with. I’m anything that would change this moneyed civilization into a higher and grander civilization for the ages to come. And I long to see the day when Labor will have the destination of the nation in her own hands, and she will stand a united force, and show the world what the workers can do.” -1930

“I would rather be shot fighting for you than live in any palace in America. . . Let the fight go on; if nobody else will keep on, I will.” 1912

“My address is like my shoes. It travels with me. I abide where there is a fight against wrong.” 1915

“I long ago quit praying and took to swearing. If I pray I will have to wait until I am dead to get anything; but when I swear I get things here.”  1909

“It is needless for me to say to you, that capitalism has no soul, nor no love for humanity or its suffering.” 1907

“Put the pirates out of business: If that won’t do put them in jail.” 1920

“All nations, all men of power have gone down when wealth was in the hands of a few.”  1920

“In working this thing out, some of us may go to jail, but what of that? We built the jails, they’re ours. But when we get sense enough we will put Rockefeller, Morgan and those fellows in jail.” 1920

“Before there is a clap of thunder clouds must gather. Economical clouds are gathering over the world now. Uprising is the thunder bolt that comes from the economical clouds. There is an electric current that may start in America. It runs around the world and sets the human chord in the heart afire.” 1920

“It is our duty to realize what is wrong. Private ownership of industry is at fault. It controls our bread. We can’t eat unless it says we may.”  1920

“Let me tell you this, you will never get anything from the capitalist that you don’t make them give you. Capital not only assumes the power of the government, but it exercises it and turns you out unless you assume that power yourselves and exercise it. You have to do more than have the power, you have to know that you have it. If you use that power they won’t call out the militia.” 1913

“I would rather see a six-hour workday in place of the eight-hour day, which we have established through the untiring work of brave men and noble women.” 1913

“You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.” 1916

“I want to tell you corporation lap dogs that I would not be the mother of one of you for all wealth of this country.” 1904

“There are only two unions in this country. The union of capital and the union of labor. Which are you going to join? You haven’t got the money to get in with the capitalists, so you had better get with the honest crowd. The time has arrived when you must realize that you are being robbed, and you must take possession of the wealth producing machinery of the country and operate it for yourselves.”   1904

“Always remember you ain’t got a damn thing if you ain’t got a union!”

“God spare me the Heart to fight them. I’ll fight the Pirates forever.” 1913