Si Kahn’s Mother Jones in Heaven Musical

Kahn_MotherJonesInHeavenMother Jones wakes up in heaven, which to her delight turns out to be an Irish Pub. There she
meets a trio of musicians who spend a power-packed evening recounting the events of her life through
song and yarn.

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Kaiulani Lee’s Can’t Scare Me

Lee mother jones 2Mother Jones is brought to life in this one woman play by Obie Award winner, Kaiulani Lee. The play is drawn from Mother Jones’s autobiography, her letters, speeches, interviews and transcripts.

“Lee, a skilled performer, brings both gentleness and steel to her Mother Jones…The play engages our emotions and intellect, a tribute to writer/actress Lee and her subject…a tart and handsomely wraught solo show.”
The Washington Post

“Can’t Scare Me is quite simply the best one-person show we’ve seen in many a year…the production is elegant and polished to the last detail…Lee’s physical appearance is the very embodiment of Mother Jones…It is an awesome performance, a phenomenal realization of a bigger-than-life historical character, impressive where you’re on the side of labor unions or not”
D. C. Theatre Scene

Kaiulani Lee’s Website


Mother Jones and the Children’s Crusade

“She won’t quit and she won’t stay quiet! It’s the turn of the century and aging Mary Harris ‘Mother’ Jones is on a tireless crusade for justice as she leads ragged mill children on a march to end child labor. Inspiring, heartbreaking and hopeful, this thrilling new musical following ‘the most dangerous woman in America’ will captivate audiences of all ages with its vibrant score blending period infused melodies with powerful contemporary anthems to deliver an uplifting message of human dignity that transcends time.”

Mother Jones and the Children's Crusade
Mother Jones Musical Website
Book and Music
Upcoming July 2014 Production in NYC
Twitter and Instagram: @MotherJmusical

Wholly Mother Jones, a play with music by Peter Agnos

Wholly-Mother-Jones-This inspiring musical play with over 15 songs has been performed at TNC and Brecht Center in New York City.
Wholly Mother Jones