More Information on Mother Jones

Hellraisers Journal

In-depth look at a daily story, mostly from 100 or from 110 years ago, that concerns the life and times of Mother Jones. Uses primary sources and provides some commentary and context to understand these items as they are unfolding. This is a fantastic labor-of-love. Highly recommended.

Americans Who Tell the Truth Portrait

Artist Robert Shetterly’s portrait of Mother Jones captures here indomitable spirit. You can see her in the context of other rebels and fighters in history, and can purchase a poster and cards there as well.

Mother Jones: A Global History of Struggle and Remembrance, from Cork, Ireland to Illinois

Mother Jones Collection at Catholic University

This collection includes digitized letters from and to Mother Jones.

Film Clip of Mother Jones

Our DVD documentary has the fuller, better version of this.

Place-Based Links


Illinois Mine Wars Page

The reason Mother Jones is buried in Mt. Olive can be understood from this site.

A Look Back at Mother Jones’ burial

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch

Another Great Story and Photos of Her Burial

From Springfield Journal-Register

Union Miners Cemetery, Mt. Olive

A listing of all the text on the monument


Labor History Links

Over 1000 links to labor history materials, including much material on mining, Ludlow, repression, radicals in the labor movement, and other topics.